Case Studies

Jobs Created: 30,000
Homes Improved: 158,000
Economic Impact: More than $5 Billion in communities with PACE

Morningstar: Clearing the Air — Addressing Three Misconceptions of PACE (2016)

“Morningstar views PACE as a beneficial program that offers corporations and consumers the opportunity to affordably implement energy-efficiency and energy-renewable upgrades.”

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The Journal of Structured Finance: PACE Loans: Does Sale Value Reflect Improvements (2016)

“We find that…there is a net positive impact of PACE on the resale value of the home, which ranges from $199 to $8882. We also find that the PACE effect of foreclosed properties is on the higher end of that range: There is nearly a $7000 premium for homes purchased from foreclosure that subsequently received a PACE-financed improvement.”

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